Car Safety Tips

Top Tips to keep your car safe

  • Check windows, sunroofs, car boot and doors are locked – whenever you leave the car. Never leave your vehicle running – even if you will only be gone for a moment.
  • Remove valuables – or lock them out of sight – BEFORE you arrive at your destination. A potential thief may be watching you leave your car.
  • If possible, park in a well lit area and/or close to an open business.
  • Keep your keys safe – and never hide a spare key in your vehicle.
  • Be alert when you leave or return to your car and when stopping at a junction or lights – car jacking is becoming increasingly popular among thieves.
  • Never leave credit cards or other identifying information in your vehicle – thieves can easily find out where you live and break into your home, knowing you are away.
  • Use all the security measures fitted to your car and accessories – such as the ignition key steering column lock, security codes for both car phone and car stereo and removeable car audio faceplates. Remember, not using them may also invalidate your insurance.
  • Protect wheels – especially expensive alloy wheels – by fitting wheel locks – and etch the vehicle registration number onto the car windows for added security.
  • To help prevent illegal towing, always park with your wheels turned towards the curb or to one side in drives and car parks.
  • Drop a business card or other form of identification into the door frame (between the window and door of the vehicle).
  • Always use a highly visible, approved security device, such as the Autolok Fortis.


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