Car Theft - The Facts

How secure is YOUR car? CAR THEFT - the facts

  • One car is stolen in the UK every minute.
  • Less than 1 in 5 car theft 'offences' are cleared up by the police.
  • Over half of car crime 'victims' have been a 'victim' before.
  • It only takes around 2 hours to dismantle a vehicle for it's parts.
  • The retail value of a car's components can be worth up to three times the value of the car.
  • Three out of four drivers fear rising car theft, according to a customer survey carried out by Autolok.
  • Drivers who fit a good security device are up to ten times less likely to have their vehicle stolen.
  • Airbag theft is already BIG BUSINESS in the USA where it is the fastest growing auto crime.
  • The RAC have already reported cases of airbag theft in the UK and have set up a specific computer code to track the numbers.

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